5 Tips for Creating Font Screenshots


So, you've made an awesome font and you're ready to list it for sale on Creative Market or another digital marketplace. The next important step is to create eye-catching screenshots (also called cover images) to show off your product and attract buyers. This step of the process is arguably just as important as the product itself.


Here are five tips that can help your product stand out from the crowd:



Tip #1:  Aim for 5 strong screenshots


Plan to create at least five well-designed screenshots to showcase your font design. This is your opportunity to show off the quality product you've worked hard to create. It gives potential buyers a preview of what they're getting if they purchase from you. Also, if you want your product "handpicked" by Creative Market (and you DO, trust me!) they almost never consider products with less than three images for their handpicked section, but the more, the better. Aim for five quality shots, and you'll be setting your product up for success! 



Tip #2:  Keep images professional, cohesive and visually interesting


You have a mere second or two to grab the attention of potential buyers. They'll scroll right by if your images look poorly designed. Professional, quality photography makes all the difference here. There are plenty of royalty-free photo sites online, but you can expect to see those images used by other shops and places online. A better resource: styled stock photography. These images are designed to work together and show off your product's personality and style. The Elah Tree Membership Library is a budget-friendly source for beautifully styled stock photos (like the cover image for this blog post.) 


Bonus tip: make sure your images are 1820px x 1214px if you're listing on Creative Market.



Tip #3: Show potential buyers how your product will make their lives easier


People love to browse for inspiration. Show them how they could use your font on a t-shirt design, packaging, or as a logotype. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Imagine why they might need your product. Are they a graphic designer working at a magazine? Show them a sample layout with the heading or body copy in the font you designed. Or maybe they're an Instagram influencer that posts motivational quotes. Make imaginary projects that speak to your target customer. 



Tip #4: Make it clear what you're selling


Because you only have a short time to grab someone's attention, your screen shots need to be very clear in what you're offering. Use short sentences and don't try to fit too much information on a single image. You want your font name to be the star of the show! Let the letterforms do most of the talking but be sure to mention your products unique selling points! Also, buyers love to see what is included in the font, including the entire list of characters and glyphs. One simple thing that is often overlooked: mention what it is. Include the word "font" and the word(s) "sans," "sans-serif" or "script" somewhere on the cover image. While it may seem obvious, it isn't always obvious to people browsing the marketplace. 



Tip #5: Highlight your product's unique selling point(s) 


What makes your product stand out from the crowd of thousands of fonts out there? Do you have cool ligatures, lots of alternates or any other bonuses? Showcase all the things that make your font special in several screen shots. Show close-up details of textures. If you're selling a font duo, show off how well they work together in design. The less buyers have to wonder or look for things, the more likely they are to buy your product.



Those are my five best tips for creating font screen shots! Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments!




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